DANCE WITH ME             by: Back to Sound

This is an Ol Skool ballad, takes us way back to the 60’s high school dances. It was a time of nostalgic frolick and gaiety, a time when dance, romance and prance was in the air, with the warm sounds of the Hammond organ grinding away, while we danced close, head to head, and spoke of new beginnings and made advances . . . you know!

Memory In My Soul

INSTRUMENTAL VERSION: Record your own vocals and submit to this site.


Twas a warm summer night. The air was sticky and humid. Water ran warm and seemed to never cool off. Even the fish in the fish tank seemed mystified. And as I sat idle at my desk, looking at my computer, and the site before me SOUNDZOO.US, void, without a voice, searching for a purpose, one that would beckon and call all revelers, to come and witness something meaningfull, something auspacious (new word: definition: of a worthwhile nature), suddenly it came to me. The site would offer entertainment, as chosen by the audience, which would login and make suggestions whereby channels and playlists favorited by the masses would be reviewed, played and commented. Also musicians, dancers, singers and artists could post their stories and videos. Surely this would be entertainments worth purveying, and as frequenters of the site, everyone would happily overcome those moments of anguish, moments of boredom, moments of unrelenting suffering, mastered by an inability to harness any activity of meaning, and a disgruntlement which thereby ensued. And so it came to pass, and SoundZoo became an imminent reality. I welcome you to the site, and hope you will enjoy the fruit of my labour in establishing it, and giving it a voice, if ever presently so feeble. Because, who knows, if one day the voice will grow and be heard around the community, if not the country. Welcome! Enjoy!


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