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In my spare time, I devote myself to my passion, which is writing, composing and recording . . . SONGS. I play the blues organ, that means, I play blues on the Hammond . . . B3 of course. Where else would you want to play the blues. And soul music has been my inspiration since I was small, and listened to the faint sounds of WBLK, Depew, Buffalo, from Toronto. It wasn’t clear sound, it wasn’t very loud, and it wasn’t that good at all in sound quality, but it was Soul Music and it made my heart pound with emotion and joy.Something about the feeling, the beats, the wailing guitar, it’s all very sexy, and when you have sex on your mind, it’s mind blowing. One is taken to a distant wonderland of dance, prance and romance . . . a world of ecstacy, not the pill but the feeling.

And now it’s your turn. Log in, create an account, and tell us about your passion. Do you sing, skateboard, fly kites, collect memorabilia . . . what is it? Oh yea, and upload some of your work . . . we wanna see and hear. This is no time to be shy and timid. Expand your horizons. Be heard and be seen. Welcome aboard the track to fame and fortune!



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