Is Louis Tomlinson flirting with disaster in leaving One Direction

Date: 2017-09-12 20:00:00

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Moving forward after his debut with One Direction, Louis Tomlinson one of pop’s most celebrated young stars is going in a “new direction”. Since the act’s demise, he’s been gravitating towards dance music, working with respected producers Steve Aoki on “Just Hold On” and Digital Farm Animals on “Back to You,” which also featured vocals by Bebe Rexha. Louis sounds right at home in this genre, and he’s currently woring diligently in cutting more tracks. He hit his Vevo ’60 interview looking very relaxed, and handled a bunch of rapid fire questions about Aerosmith karaoke songs and Game of Thrones, as well as details about his most embarrassing moment onstage.

Producer: Priya Minhas

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Nick Hakim – Nick Hakim: A Little Bit Bigger

Date: 2017-09-07 16:00:06

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Nick Hakim, A Little Bit Bigger

Nick Hakim says his songs “are like self-portraits,” and he certainly reveals himself eloquently through his soulful music. Hakim grew up in Washington, DC, and taught himself piano in high school. He moved to Boston to hone his skills, and in 2014 released a pair of acclaimed EPs, ‘Where Will We Go, Pt. I & II,’ before settling in Brooklyn. After solo shows and opening slots for Maxwell and King he cut the evocative tracks of his debut album, ‘Green Twins.’ He says the project was influenced by the likes of Marvin Gaye and My Bloody Valentine, and he strived to make it “sound like if RZA had produced a Portishead album”; NPR called it “soul music from outer space.” Whenever Hakim gets to work, the result is always inventive. In our exclusive interview “A Little Bit Bigger,” Nick talks about his musical identity, and we watch him at work in the studio, mentoring aspiring music students at Brooklyn’s City-As-School. He’s all about bolstering young talent. “I enjoy being around them; they have a pureness to them. Sometimes there are kids who know more shit that I do,” he says. “It’s crazy.”

Director: Drew Reilly
Producer: Anupa Mistry

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David Guetta – She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) ft. Sia (Official Video)

Date: 2012-10-01 20:50:30

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From the album Nothing But The Beat Ultimate – Download on iTunes here: Featuring Sia, Ne-Yo, Akon, Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida, Will.I.Am, Jessie J, Usher & many more.
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Gwen Stefani – Rich Girl ft. Eve

It seems they all do it, start talking about how much money they’re making, when they run out of ideas for new songs, and unfortunately, Gwen Stefani, as it turns out, is no exception. And this artist would be the last one, as we would imagine, that would have to resort to such a low level. But then, the song is somewhat entertaining, if not that original. And the video, is what, mediocre? Nonetheless, the video does tell a story. And just like in reality … when you think you can’t live with a person, you leave but only in theory, because a part of you will remain with the love, a love which lasts forever, changes and becomes a part of you. And so in the end, we can only really congratulate Gwen one more time for giving us once again, something memorable and entertaining.

Gwen Stefani – Rich Girl ft. Eve. (C) 2004 Interscope Records