Gwen Stefani – Orange County Girl

Gwen Stefani in single orange county girl. Too bad there is no video produced for this song, and only some pictures, as far as I can see. That’s a low grade production, much less than we expect from an acclaimed artist. So let’s concentrate on the song and music then, and it’s at about the same level as the non-existent video, not much there either! Sorry but, we need more!

Gwen Stefani – Cool

This would be Gwen Stefani at her best, with an outstanding video, one that tells us a story, an entertaining one at that. This is well thought out work, demonstrating some pretty strong effort while showing a desire to give us something meaningfull, something we can relate to. This work is reminiscent of Gwen’s beginnings, with the pure vocals and strong personal input. Bravo!

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Music video by Gwen Stefani performing Cool. (C) 2005 Interscope Records

Gwen Stefani – Rich Girl ft. Eve

It seems they all do it, start talking about how much money they’re making, when they run out of ideas for new songs, and unfortunately, Gwen Stefani, as it turns out, is no exception. And this artist would be the last one, as we would imagine, that would have to resort to such a low level. But then, the song is somewhat entertaining, if not that original. And the video, is what, mediocre? Nonetheless, the video does tell a story. And just like in reality … when you think you can’t live with a person, you leave but only in theory, because a part of you will remain with the love, a love which lasts forever, changes and becomes a part of you. And so in the end, we can only really congratulate Gwen one more time for giving us once again, something memorable and entertaining.

Gwen Stefani – Rich Girl ft. Eve. (C) 2004 Interscope Records

No Doubt – Hey Baby

This is Gwen Stefani, turned hiphop, you might say the not so Ol Skool Gwen, with that sweet, innocent voice that lulls you into a trace-like coma and seduces you into a willing participant in no matter what. The video has its drawbacks for sure, the main one being video quality which is very poor, especially at the beginning. But the theme is fun and light hearted, as pretty much applies to all things Gwen. This song reminds us that we are only human, and all things will somehow turn out right. Enjoy!

4 In The Morning

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Mucic video by Stefani Performing 4 In The Morning. view COUNT pre-VEVO: 12,924,436. (C) 2007 Record

This is pure Gwen Stefani in it’s purest form, a glimpse into the every day life of a superstar, diva, celebrity, supermodel that is compelling in its simplicity and ability to draw us in, without the need for excessive body pumping or antics. Not that Gwen Stefani is not capable of body pumping mixed in with a few antics and stunts, because she is capable, but she doesn’t need to. This girl has a natural beauty which is alone capable of bringing her to great heights. But she has not relied solely on her good looks. Make no mistake, Gwen Stefani has worked hard and diligent to perfect her work, and done a bang up job of it too. Simply enjoy!